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Caribcast and Caribtix have served clients in the US Southeast, throughout the Caribbean and in South America. IP based broadcaster Caribcast offers live streaming services to events from small conferences to large concerts. Caribtix offers ticketing solutions for any sized event, as well as event registration and event management services.

From a cooler fete like Miami's "Chill" to events with tens of thousands of patrons like "Sumfest" and "Miami Broward Carnival", Caribcast and Caribtix offer event management and access services for the most discerning clients.

Live Streaming
From small conferences to major concerts, Caribcast offers live streaming so your audience can catch every moment of your event from anywhere in the world.
Caribtix offers custom ticketing and arm band solutions for any sized event. Their solutions include scanners to prevent unauthorized duplication, and staffing for event access points. They service events from 100 - over 20,000 patrons with clients including Reggae Sumfest and Miami Broward One Carnival.
Event Registration
Through Caribtix, clients have access to corporate event online / pre-registration as well as in person / on-site registration, and other select event management services.